• The Adopt-A-Road Program is open to any family, civic or non-profit
    organization, school, environmental group, commercial or private enterprise.
  • Adopt a minimum of .5 mile section of right-of-way adjacent to the adopted road
    for litter removal at least four times per year.  Roadways are adopted for a
    minimum of two years.
  • Conduct safety meetings and pre-task briefing prior to each litter removal date.
  • Contact the Keep Charlotte Beautiful Coordinator at 941-764-4390 to schedule
    supply pick-up (i.e. vests, cautionary traffic control signs, and litterbags), one
    week prior to anticipated litter removal date.
  • Have each participating member sign the release form prior to each litter
    removal and turn into the Public Works Division when picking up your supplies
    or to the Keep Charlotte Beautiful Coordinator.
  • Instruct each participating member to read and follow Roadside Safety
    Recommendations prior to each litter removal.
  • Complete and submit the Productivity Report Form online or mail to Keep
    Charlotte Beautiful Coordinator, Keep Charlotte Beautiful, 25550 Harbor View
    Rd., Port Charlotte, Florida 33980, within two days after each litter removal.
  • Return cautionary traffic control signs and vests to the Public Works Division no
    later than two days after litter removal is complete.
  • Place filled trash bags at the Adopt-A-Road sign for pick up and disposal by the
  • Remove litter during daylight hours only.
  • Remove litter during good weather conditions only.
  • Park any vehicles clear of the adopted road and at least 20″ from the edge of
  • Place cautionary traffic control signs which have been provided by the County
    through the Public Works Division near the adopted road during litter removal.
  • Have each participating member wear a safety vest provided by the County
    through the Public Works Division during litter removal.
  • Persons under the age of 18 are allowed to participate in litter removal with
    express written consent of such person’s parent or legal guardian in the form
    of a Consent and Release Form.  The signed Consent and Release Form must be
    returned to the Keep Charlotte Beautiful Coordinator prior to any minor’s
    participation in any litter removal.