What to do with Styrofoam or Expanded Polystyrene

Recycling Mystery: Expanded Polystyrene

Yes, that to go box you are holding in your hand does have the recycle code with the correct number for recycling in Charlotte County but don’t throw it in your recycle cart! Expanded polystyrene or Styrofoam, a brand name, is not accepted at the MRF. This would be considered a contaminate if we try to recycle it curbside.

Our best option is not to use it at all by bringing your own cup or to go containers, to choose items at the grocery store with less packaging, but sometimes we end up with it anyway.

In this article from #Earth911, it talks about several alternatives but we would like to add a few more!

  • Meat and Veggie trays and egg cartons can be dropped off in front of #Publix for recycling.
  • Know anyone who raises chickens at home? They are always looking for egg cartons.
  • Do you have peanuts? Drop them off at the Shipping Post on Kings Hwy or another shipping retailer.
  • Sheets of Expanded Polystyrene are a great for art projects. Donate to a teacher at your neighborhood school.

Hopefully, in our not so distant future, we will eliminate this item from our everyday lives with a more sustainable solution.

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